About Camdenwood

Bespoke Manufacturing

Camdenwood has the resources for drilling, shaping, laminating and component assembly along with the expertise to manufacture bespoke joinery items to the customers requirements.

We fabricate from a wide range of materials including laminates, veneers, MDF and melamine faced chipboards. Camdenwood can manufacture a single item up to much larger runs of panels whether they are straight or shaped.

Office Furniture Refurbishment

Camdenwood specialises in the refurbishment of systems office furniture, which is a cost effective way to give new life to tired furniture rather than purchasing new and having to dispose of the old.

Camdenwood can provide a full refurbishment program which can consist of a complete colour change, or just simply a refresh of the existing colour. This can include legs, under frame and cable trays as well as the manufacture of new tops if required, or we can re-use the existing tops.

Office Furniture Alterations

Camdenwood provides an alteration service to your existing furniture at our factory. This service is particularly useful for example if you want to condense furniture down to a smaller footprint to accommodate more people or allow more space between workstations.

Office Furniture Upholstery Services

Camdenwood offers a re-upholstery service on a wide range of operators chairs, meeting room chairs and reception seating. We can offer a wide range of materials including fabrics, leather and faux leather finishes on a wide range of manufacturers products. This service gives the product an extended life span along with a new fresh look.

Office screens can also do with a colour change after time and as long as the actual screen is not damaged. New upholstery will give you a new fresh look in the office environment.

Office Furniture Spare Parts and Repair

In the current financial climate we understand that purchasing new or even used office furniture is not an option that every office has at present, that's why Camdenwood provides office furniture repair services.

Specialist Wood Services - including Machining & Edge Banding

All Camdenwood's resources are available for drilling, shaping, laminating and component assembly.

We have experience in the fabrication of most materials, utilising state of the art production facilities together with a multi-skilled workforce.

This service is very useful to those companies on a tight budget and wish to utilise furniture that may be in storage that is damaged or broken. We can fix any form of office furniture subject to parts availability and manufacturing processes. Items such as replacement keys can be supplied nationwide or we can call in to your office for a 'fix on site' option there and then, minimising inconvenience and downtime.

Laminates, Melamine and Veneers

Compact Grade Laminate - Melamine Faced Chipboard - Laminated Faced Chipboard - Medium Density Fibreboard

Laminate/Melamine Faced Lightweight Composites - Real Wood Veneer - All Branded Laminates

Camdenwood Limited uses only the very best materials and have many years experience in the fabrication of these materials for different markets. Camdenwood holds a wide ranging store of core and surface materials which allows us to respond rapidly to all projects. A full range of laminates is available, fire retardant and low smoke emission, as well as standard grades.

Designers and specifiers are faced with the difficult compromise between design aspiration and regulatory constraints therefore it is vital that the quality and performance of core and surface materials is assured.

We place a great deal of emphasis on the practical expertise and experience of our own staff, so please call with any queries or technical problems that you may have with the selection of the appropriate core, adhesive and laminate.

Metal Fabrication

Camdenwood offers a metal fabrication service for the office furniture industry, items include cable trays and baskets, screen clamp brackets and other ancillary items such as many styles of brackets for different applications in small or large quantities. Camdenwood also offers a full in-house powder coating service.